Nicole, Photographed by Joy Imani Bullock

“I was 19 when I went through an abortion. It was a decision I made with confidence. One I still think about, but do not regret in any way. I was alone when I went through the abortion, laying in bed while my mother, aunt, and two cousins were upstairs watching television. No one had any idea, so it was a bit tough having to go through this process without comfort. I am now 22, living a life filled with happiness.

I am still finding myself, a major reason why I did not want to bring a life into this world. There is still so much growth and healing I have to go through… alone.

A major battle I faced from going through an abortion is the guilt. I kept thinking, ‘I must bring a child into this world one day’ as if I owed it to the universe in some way. I no longer think in this manner. My life will be fulfilled no matter what happens, children or no children.”

Joy Imani Bullock is a recent graduate of the Corcoran School of Art and Design at the George Washington University where she was awarded her Masters in New Media Photojournalism. She explores all mediums of journalism from writing to photography and videography. Though she finds herself most comfortable behind the camera. Joy spent her childhood in Newport, Rhode Island, but she currently resides in southeast Washington, DC with her grandmother. Growing up with her parents as teachers she uses their philosophy of making every possible moment one to learn, and allowing every destination to be a classroom. With most of her work focusing on honest dialogue and intimate interaction, she knows that if her pieces can challenge her audience to speak about something they wouldn’t have, she has succeeded.