I wanted to share my story to try and give anyone a piece of advice which I wish I followed myself. Try your hardest to get unbiased advice on your decision, telling family and friends and partners is always advised. That’s great if they don’t have a bias opinion on what you should do. As subconsciously it’s their instinct to be slightly selfish and this may swap your opinion.

Try and take time away by yourself; go for walks without your phone, try not to meet up with friends to ‘chat’ and when people ask if you are ok, try to keep positive and chat about other things because your mind can take over. It will wear you down, feeling rushed in your decision because for me, I didn’t want to wait. Currently, I don’t feel happy in my decision and I’m sure in the future it will be ok but right now I feel so much guilt. I wish I had made the decision for me and not for anyone else – especially a partner. I was not in a very good place with mine and despite doctors asking if I was forced to have an abortion. I never was! However, if he was not involved my decision may have been different – that’s what’s hard ( to not feel manipulated post abortion ) So long story short, before telling friends or family. Just try figure out how you feel first – happy or sad? excited or scared? Sit on it for a bit. I’m sure everyone has similar feelings. I’m mentally, physically and financially able to, so why would I get an abortion? Will I ever get that chance again to have another one in the future? It’s hard not to feel angry at peoples opinions or reactions. But you’re not alone if you do too 🙂