This is my second abortion story. I was previously included in the amicus brief to help the fight for reproductive rights. I believe sharing my experience makes a difference. I had my second abortion about a year ago now. It was emotionally so much harder than my first abortion. I knew this time I was old enough and I was really in love with the man who got me pregnant. I got my first abortion when I was 17. It was not even a debate for me, I knew exactly what I had to do in order to provide myself with the best quality of life. I had turned 26 the day after I got my second abortion. Both were medical and I was just 2-3 weeks in both situations. But the second time was so much harder for me to cope with. I was facing the peak of a pandemic and out of work for 7 months. I am still dating and very much in love with the guy who got me pregnant the second time. I know he would’ve supported whatever decision I was going to make. Again, I choose abortion. I had a choice. Getting an appointment within that week of finding out at a fair priced clinic was more than difficult. I had the most uncomfortable experience at that clinic, it was the only one available. Every other place in NYC couldn’t see me for 2 WEEKS. The access to abortion in a big city during a pandemic was horrifying. My first abortion was a very opposite experience. I hope we continue to provide safe and accessible abortion clinics. I am grateful I was strong and I got through it.