Jessy, Photographed by Zinnia Moreno

“I dealt with my abortion on my own. I’d lie in bed staring at the ceiling while my head was flooded with so many thoughts. I had to wait a long time to get an abortion. I spent endless days and sleepless nights.

After my abortion, and after much time, there was a moment of relief and peace. I came to terms that I made the right decision. That moment of my shame being lifted off me was so liberating.

Now I stand my ground. I’ll stand in the frontline and share my story in order to change the culture around abortion. I had an abortion.”

Zinnia Moreno is a San Fernando Valley based artist who sees photography as a tool to illuminate the lives of individuals grappling with social issues. While studying International Development and African American History at UCLA, she took pictures for the student newspaper and her personal work has been exhibited throughout Los Angeles. She has worked on projects surrounding mental illness, police brutality, and the everyday resilience of people surviving an upside down world. Raised around strong women of color, Zinnia has always believed in feminist ideals and is proud to be a part of a project as timely and necessary as this.