Ashley, Photographed by Amanda King

I am a Christian and I had an abortion. I want fellow Christians to know that having an abortion(s) won’t separate you from the love of God. My abortion was a blessing. My abortion strengthened my faith and made clearer God’s plans for my life. I am so grateful that I was able to decide what was best for my body and I continuously pray, work, and fight for the day in which every person needing reproductive health care will have unfettered access to make the best decisions for themselves.

For Conceptual Artist/Activist Amanda King (b.1989), art is even more than a means of expression, it is the vehicle through which she accomplishes community work. Her exhibitions explore themes of race, gender, socioeconomics, trauma, family and community. Through the lens of her camera, she tells the stories of often unseen communities and the societal forces that oppress them. Amanda lives and works in Cleveland, Ohio.