I recently had abortion in November 29, 2021. The most painful day of my life I had just met my partner after 2 months ago we met and had a good time but i was scared may be due to delay of period I may be pregnant but wasn’t sure enough. Took test on the next day and yes i was ….rushed to the doctor and for the medical termination it took 2 days time for me to feel my baby and let him/her go. I haven’t slept those 2 nights…sobing crying but can’t share anything with any one as I was not married. Done with procedure no longer I had that little baby in me and it was 10 weeks baby i can recall my cravings mood swings etc . But the day I have never forgotten and will never forget and next day I got proposal from family relative for my married i was broken down with that news but here God had helped me, it didn’t goes well. It’s 8 months now but can’t come out from that pain….