I got my abortion during the Covid-19 Pandemic. I was finishing my final semester remotely and knew that my best option was an abortion. The person who got me pregnant was manipulating me constantly and I knew that I could not have a baby with this person. At the time, I was living in Southern Maryland. I could not do a medication abortion because I was living at home with my chaotic family. The closest clinic was an hour and 15 minutes away but I could not drive myself due to the sedation medication. I spent weeks arguing back and forth with my ex about funding and transportation. I called the abortion fund for Maryland and was told that I could only use their funding for clinics that are not Planned Parenthood. The earliest appointment to have it done prior to Christmas was Planned Parenthood so I hung up on the fund and cried myself to sleep. I felt like I had no where to turn, no one to talk to, and I was stuck navigating this with an emotionally abusive ex. I was so desperate that I used my parents insurance which was a last resort option to fund my abortion. At the time, it was so stressful and I was not grateful because I just wanted it to be done. Almost a year later and I am so grateful that I had access to get my abortion which freed me from my ex, I finished my degree, and my abortion allowed me to move across the country to work in reproductive rights. I would make this choice again and again. I am so grateful for abortion.