Abortion was my ticket to a happy, successful, prosperous future.

When I was 18, I got pregnant due to birth control failure. I had an abortion and never looked back. I felt no regret. Only “phew!”

If I’d had a baby at 18, I would have given up college, study abroad, graduate school, a great career, and lots of amazing relationships. I would have dropped out, gone on welfare, lived in public housing, and worst of all, devastated my parents who saved all their lives to give me a bright future.

In addition to education and career, I owe a fabulous marriage to my abortion. My husband wouldn’t have given me a 2nd look if I’d been a single parent. Sorry… but some men don’t want to deal with someone else’s kids.

Instead of a sad, lonely, frustrating life as a penniless single mother, I lead a financially and romantically secure life. I’ve got 2 wonderful kids, and I had them when we were good and ready.

The anti-choicers who say women suffer from “post abortion syndrome” don’t know what the hell they’re talking about.

p.s. The boyfriend from when I was 18? He never had a successful relationship or a real job. He’s now in his 40’s and lives with his mother.