I was in my early 30s and in a relationship and we had been using condoms. I had not been on the pill but things can and do happen.

I began to have terrible morning sickness and I realized that I could be pregnant. I took a pregnancy test and it was positive. I then sat down with my then partner and we talked it over. Neither of us was ready to be a parent, in fact, neither of us wanted children. We both were in no position to raise a child.

I was an only child and had come from a home with a very abusive mother (physical and mental) and I had never had any maternal feelings. I was not ready to become a parent then and 22 years later I know I would have not been a good parent.

So after much discussion I made the call to Planned Parenthood and made an appointment and they laid out the options for me. A couple of weeks later I had an abortion. It was a tough decision for both of us. Today I have been married to that partner for 19 years and we never regretted the decision.