I became pregnant while using an IUD birth control after a molar pregnancy. Becoming pregnant so soon was not advised because of the molar pregnancy but we (my husband and I) didn’t want to get an abortion since we had already experienced the devastation of pregnancy loss.
However, because I had Hyperemesis Gravidarum, before I was even 5 weeks pregnant I had lost over thirty pounds, putting me under 100 pounds. I was in acute kidney failure with chronic ketosis so there were fatal numbers of proteins and keytones in my blood and urine, and my potassium was over 12 putting me in heart failure. By seven weeks pregnant I had spent more time in a hospital being hooked up to machines to keep me alive as I did out of the hospital, due to the inability to control vomiting. Being pregnant was killing me, my teeth and hair were falling out, I kept losing weight, I was miserable-unable to care for myself, and afraid of dying, afraid of making my beloved husband a widower at 24. We always wanted a family and we wanted a baby. Though it broke our hearts, having an abortion saved my life. Because I was able to receive safe legal care for, I became pregnant again without any complications and our family is growing. Even though I had a medically necessary procedure, I feel shamed by our culture that stereotypes women who receive abortions. I hope that through protecting women’s right to choose, we can end that stigma.