I was irresponsible. End of story. I wish that I had more guidance from my mother or doctors on which type of birth control would have best for me, i.e.- a non-hormonal IUD. But they didn’t, and I would forget to take the pill. It also made me erratic. I’m convinced the hormones didn’t jive with my chemistry. Anyway, 3 abortions later and I finally got the IUD at 38. I regret to say that I did use abortion as a means of birth control but I also don’t blame myself. I needed help and I didn’t receive it. So, as someone who slipped through the cracks, I am tremendously grateful for legal abortion and the morning after pill. I never had an abortion that was over 6 weeks. I would have been a bad mother because I was ill-equipped to take care of myself, let alone a child. In the end, abortion was the most selfless decision I could have made. But you won’t hear that from the pro-lifers.