It was August. I remember because we were camping with the kids. My belly had a strange feeling to it; puffy but not gas. I had had that before- 10, 8 and 6 years earlier. Oh, please, no.

That September, at the age of 42, I was to begin my final year of a three year graduate program. I was poised for a new career. My husband and I were ready for a new chapter in our marriage. And me getting work in my new field was essential to paying off the school loans.

The home pregnancy test was positive. I told my husband the news immediately followed by, “I am not going to have it.” There was no debate. We both knew this “surprise”, if carried out, would be devastating for the whole family.

I feel fortunate that I could get on the phone to a Planned Parenthood clinic (that I annually donate to), make an appointment, be able to pay for my procedure with a credit card and have the peace of mind that I did the best thing for my family. Yes, the expense was unexpected, but all major healthcare expenses are unexpected. I am glad I had available the options that best worked for me and my family.