I was in my second semester of college when I found out that I was pregnant. I had just broken up with my boyfriend 3 days previous to finding out.

The relationship had been in a downward spiral ever since I moved away for college. At the time, I was living in a dorm room I shared with one other person. I had no car, no job, no support system, and no health insurance. It was a very scary time in my life for me seeing as I had just turned 18 six months before. Some people told me that I should give the baby up for adoption, but even then I had no insurance and very little money to pay for doctors visits until I found an adoptive family. I hadn’t told anyone in my family yet, because I wasn’t absolutely certain about what I was going to do. I was trying to keep it as quiet as I possibly could until I knew for sure what my decision was. I decided that an abortion was the right option for me. I was a freshman in college and I didn’t want anything to step in between my education and I. I also knew that there was no way I could provide a good life for this child. I was only 9 weeks along when I had the procedure done. When I went in to the office they had to take a sonogram and that lady asked if I wanted to see it because she was obligated to by law – which I think is pretty crappy. It was a very hard decision, but I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I made the right decision.