I was 22 years old, working a retail job which is where I met my boyfriend at the time. My pregnancy came from bad sex during which he forgot to pull out. We didn’t use condoms┬ábecause they impacted his arousal and withdrawal seemed to work just fine. This was that one time that it didn’t, the time it mattered. I had been on birth-control, but the pills made me feel sick and killed my libido, so I stopped taking them. We were still just kids, with no ideas about our future, and our relationship was already strained. I had two very notable examples of relationships that were maintained just for the sake of children, and they seemed horrible. I just couldn’t commit to that. And, I’ve never had a desire to have children.

In addition to the reasons stated above, my body was railing against the pregnancy. I was sick constantly, constipated, extremely fatigued, depressed, just the worst I’ve ever felt physically in my life. There was no way I could survive for another 8 months like that and still keep my job.

My mother and boyfriend drove me to the clinic and it was a good experience. The staff was very caring and gentle, and I was asleep during the procedure. I slept for at least a day after, and there was some pain, but it was completely worth it and a major relief to be rid of all of my other physical problems. I have never regretted my decision.