I had been in a stable relationship for over a year when, despite using birth control, I got pregnant. I had just started college that year and he hadn’t started yet. We decided that abortion was the best thing. We hadn’t talked about the future before then and I don’t believe in marriage ‘for the sake of the baby.’ Those marriages don’t last, and the ones that do, don’t function (as a rule). I did not want have a child I couldn’t afford. I also did not want to have a child who would be resented – by me, or its father, or anyone else. I was the resented child, no child is better for growing up with that. I wanted to give my child everything, and knew that I could not. So I terminated the pregnancy. It was the right thing to do. I hate that. I wonder every day who that child would have been, and my heart hurts, but it was unequivocally the right thing to do. I sacrificed that child to provide better for any children I may have after that one.