I was 16 and 17 years old, and in a committed relationship with my high school boyfriend, when I had my two abortions. We used the rhythm method as best we could (condoms weren’t really promoted much in the 70’s) mainly because I didn’t feel grown up enough to actually get on the pill. Also though, it had come to my attention that my mother considered premarital sex as akin to the original sin, so I certainly didn’t feel comfortable having her know I was sexually active.

For me, abortion was the best option (even though it was also emotionally stressful and I had to lie about my age and present a fake ID) because I knew we weren’t ready to be parents. My consideration for the unborn child was paramount. I believed (and still do) that all children deserve to have mature loving parents who can provide a stable home for them. We were too young, too immature to be parents, and l felt that my child deserved better. Ending those pregnancies after mature self-reflection left the door open to the life and family that I have now. If I had had those babies then, our lives would have been such a struggle and who’s to know if I would have met my husband or if our children now would have ever been born. For me, it was the right and moral thing to do.