I became pregnant while in college in Oklahoma, during the 1980’s, when Reagan was in office. I called every clinic in town – not one performed abortions. I finally went to the university’s health clinic. They referred me to Planned Parenthood, who referred me to a clinic in Oklahoma City which performed abortions. At that clinic I was told I would have to wait until I was 6 weeks pregnant before they could perform the abortion, as it was considered safer. I will NEVER forget the frantic feelings I had during those few weeks. I know it’s irrational, but every morning I woke terrified that abortion had become illegal overnight! There was so much negative press about abortion, and having a conservative patriarchal president like Reagan was infuriating to me. I was astounded then, and still am, that the government even has a say about what a citizen can decide about her reproductive/fertility choices. I was very fortunate, and received a safe and legal abortion. There also were no protesters outside the clinic, so I was spared the self-righteous cant that many women are subjected to. Abortion is a political, not moral, issue. Keep it safe and legal!