I was fortunate enough to not lose my virginity until i was 19 when the pill came out in l962. I got a prescription and was SAFE! However, my girlfriends weren’t as practical as me and got pregnant while attending UC Berkeley. Three had abortions in Tijuana under cover of night with no counseling and their boyfriends anteing up $500, the going price back in those days. They were happy to do it. Another girlfriend, Karen, got pregnant in her senior year and had an illegal abortion in the form of a D & C by her mother’s gynecologist. He cut a vein and she hemorrhaged. I found out two days later that they’d saved her life in the ICU. She went on to get a doctorate in Psychology at Northwestern; she’s practiced psychotherapy ever since. I got pregnant at ages 36 and 37 because some “hippie” types told me the pill was too much for my system at my “advanced” age. Fortunately, abortions were legal by then and I had two legal abortions. I have no children; I never wanted to have children and I have never felt anything but proud of having the courage of my convictions.