The father was persistent on me going through with it because he believed it was the best option. He came with me to the clinic but I was alone afterwards and for the following day. I was in disbelief that at no point did he stop and question anything. I was so unbelievably hesitant and I felt that if he was there and received all of the information I did, he would want to reconsider this. He never did. I felt so guilty, ashamed, alone and filled with sadness. It was one of the most traumatic things I’ve endured in a long time but it was even harder trying to mourn when I didn’t even feel like I deserved that right. The next day, I cut ties completely and am still working on healing myself. If there was more support for pregnant and single parents, I wouldn’t have done it. Yet, I am grateful to live in a place where this is an option and I can make the decision to have this procedure safely. It is still too soon to tell if I regret it or not.