My ex was extremely abusive. After our divorce, he continued to “visit” me. I became pregnant. He threatened my son. He threatened me. He said I
should get rid of it, but he wouldn’t pay because it was my fault. He said he would beat it out of me. He said he would hurt my son if I didn’t get rid of it. I finally knew that I had to be rid of him, and a second child would tie him to me forever. I had a son to support, and it would be twice as hard with 2 kids. I was raised to be pro-life, but I knew if I stayed pregnant, I would keep the baby in the end and that wouldn’t be good for anyone. I went to my mother. She helped even though she didn’t believe in abortion, either. She agreed that a second child would be disastrous and the abuse had to stop. The only way to end the abuse was to get out of the state and get away- much too difficult pregnant or with 2 small kids. Since then, my son has grown up, married, and has his own kids. I am a professional in a successful job. If I had 2, I would likely still be on welfare in some form, and they would likely, too. My ex? He’s in jail — where he belonged long ago.