Lucy, Photographed by Natalie Gale

A year after my abortion, I was able to open my own business; the resulting pride and sense of accomplishment I feel with this new venture is a direct result of my ability to choose.

Home is a safe and secure place for me, but I love this photo because of the contrast captured in the light and shadows from the window. My abortion experience was a series of positive and negative emotions: courage and fear, support and isolation, comfort and embarrassment, all of which were important factors in my decision making process. My abortion experience was not black-and-white, this photo captures the mixed emotions that came with my decision and the ways they all balanced.

This last photo is powerful because of its location and the reality of living with an abortion experience. The ocean is (and was, during my decision-making process) one of my favorite places to reflect. Ultimately, my abortion experience is a part of my story as a person; it’s a reality that I live with and incorporate into my existence in new ways all the time.” – Lucy

Lucy was photographed as part of the 1 in 3 Photography Project. See more photos and stories from the project.

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Originally hailing from Portland, Maine, Natalie Gale is in her second year at Harvard College. Natalie is heavily involved in the social justice community on campus and works as a Programming Intern at the Harvard Office of BGLTQ Student Life. Natalie has pursued her love for photography and portraiture through a variety of channels since discovering it in middle school and is passionate about using artistic media as a platform for change. Most recently, Natalie spent the summer taking photographs in the Himalayas as a media intern for ANKURI, an NGO dedicated to empowering village women in rural northern India. In her free time, Natalie loves hiking, skiing, and spending time with friends and family.