Like so many other women, I was in college, in a sexual relationship, and taking birth control. However, this method failed for me, and I found out on New Year’s Day of 2000 I was pregnant. There really was no choice to be made. I knew that I did not want a child at that point in my life nor could I support one. I live in Kansas, which is known for its anti-abortion stance. It was very difficult to find a provider that would do an abortion. There were two in my state. One was over 4 hours away, and the other was 90 minutes away. While I was searching for a provider, I ran into many agencies that would say they provided abortion services but were anti-abortion agencies in disguise. Their purpose is to get women to come and then bombard them with anti-abortion literature in an attempt to make them feel guilty and change their minds. I had to jump through several legal hoops — watching videos, having an ultrasound, counseling, and a waiting period — before I could legally have an abortion. I was NOT a minor — I was an ADULT, and yet my options were limited because of legislation passed by someone other than myself that applied directly to my body. My experience with my doctor and staff was wonderful. They were very understanding, gentle, and nice. I felt at ease with my doctor and he answered all of the questions that I had. They also followed up with me after the procedure to make sure I was feeling well and had no complications. They also scheduled a follow-up appointment for me in 6 weeks to make sure all was well. I think that removing this option from women is simply wrong. No one knows our individual situations and stories like we do, and no one else is justified in making a decision that will affect the rest of our lives. Abortion is a taboo topic, but it shouldn’t be. Even now, I am debating on if I should submit this story anonymously. Part of me really wants to say my name and give credibility to my story but the other part of me is afraid. Like I said, I live in a small town in Kansas — I do not want my children or my husband ridiculed for a decision I made that I DO NOT regret but am afraid will come back to disrupt their lives.