and I got pregnant on purpose six months later. Three years later in 1973 when I was separated and divorced, I had an accident with a long time boyfriend. We were both doctors. We were up in the country and there was some left over marijuana. We were not marijuana smokers. We smoked a little and he said he could control himself, but he couldn’t. Even though I am a doctor, I did not know about the morning after pill. I terminated the pregnancy in NYC on an outpatient basis and it was no big deal. He was not legally divorced. I was not going to marry him and I did not want to have a child with him. He offered to come with me and pay for it but I just wanted to do it on my own. We dated for two years and then broke up. The procedure was in a hospital and it was very quick. I woke up in the recovery room and felt fine and just took a cab home and slept all afternoon. I have no regrets. I never think about the two terminated pregnancies except when people make such a fuss about women taking control of their bodies and their lives when they decide to terminate a pregnancy.