We got married in 1966. Sex was great and I used a diaphragm all the time. 5 years later in 1970, we were both still in medical specialty training and our marriage was on the rocks. I have no idea how I got pregnant. I had used the diaphragm successfully for 7 years. The doctor tried to talk me out of terminating the pregnancy. Emotionally it was not a big deal. It was just not the right time to have a baby. I terminated the pregnancy with a D&C in NYC where I had to stay in the hospital overnight and I was upset when I was bleeding and pushed the button and the nurse did not come.

6 months later, were finishing our training and it was going to be the 1st time I was not on call at night. We had a 1 month vacation in Spain in the spring. I had waited 7-8 years to get pregnant because I had night call and I did not know how much I wants to work after having a baby. We decided to get pregnant on that trip and I got pregnant the 1st month I tried. My husband got drafted during Vietnam and we were in CA for 2 years where I had my daughter and I was able to work at as a psychiatrist 1/2 time. I was able to work part time for 6 years. I’m 75. I have no regrets. I never think about it except when people make such a fuss about terminating a pregnancy.