In 1998, my mom was pregnant with her first child, my brother. My dad forced her for an abortion, she was in shocked. He took her to the abortion clinic, she later felt guilty and regret what he has done to her. In 1999, she was pregnant with her second child, me. My dad wants an abortion but she stood up and said she wants to keep me. In 2001, she was pregnant with her last child, my sister. She got another abortion and stays with him for the rest of her life.

Why would a man do this to his wife? She was pregnant with my brother, why does he keep doing two more times? Does he know how to use protection? Has he ever thought of condoms or vasectomy after she aborted my brother? Why did my mom stay with him? What makes she thinks he will come around? HE NEVER COMES AROUND. HE’S SO IMMATURE AND STUBBORN. DOES MY MOM KNOWS THAT IF A CHILD LIVES IN AN ABUSIVE HOME, A CHILD COULD HAVE A WEAK SELF-ESTEEM, WEAK CONFIDENCE, AND DEPRESSION???? WHAT WAS SHE THINKING???