When I was in high school my first “real” boyfriend and I would talk about what would happen if I ever got pregnant. Young and in love we agreed we would keep that child. Now its been years and I have a new boyfriend and I did become pregnant at 21. I was so scared I knew I wasn’t ready and right away the thought of abortion came to mind. “Could I really do this?” I would think that many nights before my appointment at Planned Parenthood. The day of the ultrasound I wasn’t sure if I wanted to see how big that ball of cells was. But I did want to see so I can remind myself much later that it was a good idea. I was scared about my choices. Take the pill and it would be over with heavy bleeding? Or the “vacuum” which would take a few hours but had to stay there to make sure I was alright? The pill was my choice. It hurt like a normal period but became intense for a few hours. I have learned that I shouldn’t have to feel bad for what I have chose. I want to become a police officer, I can’t become one and finish school while having a baby. My sister had just finished having her first child—my parents, I couldn’t do that to them. It seems selfish at first but it was the right thing to do.