I was lucky, I was in California when at 39, I became pregnant on the pill while homeless and addicted. I can not imagine what women who do not have access to women’s healthcare have to go through.

First of all, when you are desperately poor like that and under the influence, it becomes hard to do the most basic day to day things, let alone find the money to travel out of town for several days to access healthcare. It would have been impossible in my situation. But that’s the point these laws do not effect middle or upper class women it is an edict on the poor. It is women living at the poverty level who will not be able to manage what amounts to laws that are meant to be punitive.

If you insist on your ” love of life and children ” then put your money where your mouth is and pass a budget that takes care of these kids. After they are born ( you know when the GOP no longer cares about life and children ) you can’t have it both ways women are trying to make responsible choices in as much as if they can not support a child financially or emotionally then the right thing to do is not burden society with it.

If what is in essence forcing underprivileged women in to having babies, they can not take care of, then build orphanages, double welfare stipends, cover the cost of and build more preschools and create more jobs. Spend even a quarter of the amount of effort you have spent on outwitting the abortion law as on passing meaningful legislation, and then I will listen to you when the words life above all else come out of your mouths.

After all YOUR DAUGHTERS AND MISTRESSES can always afford to get access and or take care of their child, so these laws in no way affect you.