Hi, my name is Jill. I am a “3 in 1” abortion story!

I am 56 years old and I have had 3 abortions in my lifetime! I am NOT ashamed of any of them! None of them were for life saving reasons. In all 2 of the 3, Planned Parenthood was there for me. No judgement, no shame, only understanding and high quality medical assistance.

1- @ 19 years old….I was briefly married to a very violent abusive man. In one of his jealous rages, he literally ripped my IUD out and raped me. I was able to escape this hell, but was in no way able to have a baby or even be pregnant. I already had a Down’s Syndrome toddler and at the time, companies could refuse to hire you if you were pregnant. Abortion #1
2- @ 22 years old…..Not long after this, I was unable to afford birth control, mainly used abstinence, and when I did have sexual relations, used condoms. Unfortunately once again I found myself to be pregnant. One again, Planned Parenthood came to my rescue. Abortion #2. And they hooked me up with birth control.
3- @ 26 years old….. My new husband and I planned a pregnancy. At some point, the doctors realized there was no fetus, I had a condition called “anembryonic gestation”, and a simple D&C to remove it was recommended. Abortion # 3. This time, I did not use Planned Parenthood. The doctor had forgotten that there was no embryo, and continued to dig to find one, in his oversight he punctured my uterus & I was informed I would not be able to have any more children. (sure wished I would have used Planned Parenthood)

I now have 3 grown daughters, and I want to make absolutely certain they, and their daughters, have access to Planned Parenthood! I want them to know there is no shame or crime in doing what is right for them, and that I and Planned Parenthood will be there for them- no judgement, only love.

Men, in government should not be pushing their moral, patriarchal beliefs down our throats. And if there is anyway in hell they are able to stop our access, we need to push for laws that require child support from the men and the government who decided it is their decision.

I will fight to ensure we “women” maintain control of our bodies and our decisions that affect our bodies!