I haven’t spoken about my abortion to anyone in a very long time and then only to my closest friend and husband. I haven’t avoided speaking about it;
it just never seems to fit in any conversation…
My husband and I had decided not to have children. And then while taking some medication for a gynecological problem and while thinking I couldn’t get pregnant, we had unprotected sex and I did. The medication was contraindicated for pregnant women as it was known to cause birth defects. For the two above reasons I decided to terminate the pregnancy. There had never been any question. I have not missed the child it might have been. During the brief pregnancy I felt fine — no morning sickness, and looked well.
I had the abortion as soon after I found I was pregnant as possible. This was in the 1970’s after Roe v. Wade. Having the procedure done was easy and dignified. I would wish that for all women and girls.
I have never had any other children or another pregnancy.