I had an abortion the day before my 14th birthday. After taking a home pregnancy test, I told my mother I was pregnant. She was totally shocked and very angry with me. She said we couldn’t tell my father or anyone else. She brought me to the clinic in Concord, NH. They were nice. 30+ years later I can still picture myself lying on the table. I never told the father, because I was forbidden to speak with him and I feared what he’d think of me. I did tell my best friends, and they supported me.

Now I have a 13 year old daughter and I can’t help the thoughts that race through my mind. She seems so young and innocent, and her life has been very different from mine. I pray that she will make smarter choices and not have to be the “1 in 3”.

Thanks for this opportunity to share my story. And thanks to the other women who have shared theirs. This initiative is inspirational.