I was 35 with a 18,14 and 6 year old. Just graduated with my Bachelor in Social Work and landed a great job. When I saw the two pink lines I was more terrified than when I got pregnant at 16.

My husband and I did not get along and his mental illness was tearing us apart, I had already looked into a divorce of out troubled 6 month marriage. I told him and he got excited, I was so scared to tell him I had doubts. So I convinced myself it would be ok but week by week he got worse. Finally, one day when I was 11 weeks he told me he wanted me to have an abortion because he knew he would not be a good dad. I acted like I was upset, but inside I was jumping for joy. I called and made my appointment for the following Saturday, picked up my paperwork and immediately felt better. The next 6 days were the longest of my life. Everyday his anxiety and paranoid thoughts got worse, I thought I would never make it to the day. When the day came the staff were so kind and caring and even though I felt bad about waiting until 12 weeks and 4 days I had a nurse tell me to focus on the positive. The support really made a difference, I also got the depo shot that day and had follow up appointments. I also made a huge life decision and filled for divorce from my husband and even though it was hard I would never change anything. Having access to safe affordable abortion changed my life.