Corinne S

At age 22 I understood myself as Lesbian. I was a practicing Alcoholic and worked at the local State Mental Hospital in one of the Admitting units. One day I was on the other admin. unit when I heard a man’s voice that my body reacted to. When I turned around & saw him, I thought “I want to lay that man!’ so, I did. We had an affair, using no birth control, since I was Lesbian, I needed none & he did not see it as his responsibility, assuming I would be on it as his women usually were. We both were drinking heavily & smoking pot. When I realized I was pregnant I also knew the fetus would have little chance of not being affected by Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. I had worked with adults with AFS. They would be brought in by police or family due to violent or sexual acting out. They would be physically deformed, & so developmentally disabled that they often could not even recognize family members, much less bonded with them. As much as I had always wanted children (& knew this might be my only chance to bear a child, & as much as my BODY wanted the child, I knew I could not sentence a human being to a Life that did not include the ability to Love, be nurtured or experience being Love. Abortion was my ONLY OPTION. We had a Planned Parenthood near me, I scheduled my appointment. My boyfriend neither went with me or helped me pay for the procedure. I ran into the woman who was the Building Director from the Hospital. We tried to be encouraging to the other women but as soon as the procedure was over I became extremely depressed. Obviously a hormonal reaction, I figured. As it turned out I was experiencing Post-Partum Depression. As years past & I got sober, I realized I had Bi-Polar Disorder. Women with this disorder frequently experience a more severe form of PPD. I ditched the boyfriend not long after the abortion as he told me if I ”got pregnant again he’d have nothing to do with” me. The end of the pregnancy was a great loss to me & I mourn the child I might’ve had. But I would MAKE THE SAME DECISION AGAIN. I have no doubt I made the MORAL decision & I’m Grateful for the availability of their Services. I Vote. I will vote Blue. Women can not afford to lose their choice as to whether they are ready, able or interested in bearing children. I donate regularly to PP. I Stand With Planned Parenthood!! This is my Story. I’m sticking to it!