My daughter was 14. I was supposed to make an appointment for her to get an Implanon for her birth control. However, due to work and life happening, that wasn’t a timely event. I took her to the clinic in October of 2015. I made her wait a week just to make sure that’s what she wanted to do, and so that she didn’t feel like she was forced into a decision. Her step-dad and I accompanied her to the clinic on the day of her appointment. The protesters were rabid, and one jumped in front of my car. The only bad feelings she has about it now are from the protesters and the kids at school who found out through a very unreliable friend. We are all okay with the decision, and if anything, she is so much better off than before. Her school performance, her communication with me, and her overall demeanor and behavior have grown miles since October. I am very proud of her, and I now volunteer as an escort at that clinic.