Abortion. How do I put this? I have been pro-choice since before it was ever a ‘choice’. I remember talking with my motherabout this when I was in middle school, around 1973. I remember a few girls in high school that went away to live with other family members, but we knew why they were gone. When I was in college in the late 70’s, I had a very good friend in my dorm that came to me and basically collapsed in my room. She was pregnant. We arranged to go to a clinic, I drove her there, drove her back, took care of her, and never said a negative word

Go forward a year or two, and I am dating someone who I was crazy about. Even though we did use protection (most of the time) I became pregnant. I arranged for the procedure, and another friend took me. She never said a negative word to me. The guy left me, not because of the procedure, because he would have anyway. Go a few more years forward. I marry. Then, I become pregnant, and he was not happy and I say to him, “You are asking me to do something that I cannot do.” I have the baby, and after a few years, he has an affair, and leaves us. Love my baby, would not trade for the world.

My advice, if you are a parent and think there is the smallest chance in the world that your teenagers are thinking/having/considering sex, tell them to have protection. Do not give me the excuse that telling them this is giving them permission. It will happen, whether you like it or not.