I was 16 years old when I got pregnant. Twice. I had been in my past relationship then going on 3 years. It was an interracial relationship in a small southern town and i was honestly scared to death. I finally broke the news to everyone the first time and my mom was visibly destroyed. My ex was happy. We both wanted to carry through with the pregnancy. My family was not so supportive of that. I mean I was 16 and in the situation I was in.. how could they have been? I talked to my then partner and we both tearfully decided to end it. I was so scared when everything was happening, but after a while things were back to normal. I stayed with my ex and ended up pregnant again, within six months of my first abortion. I told him first and he immediately became happy and then that all changed very suddenly. It became abusive. That’s when I told my mom and said I needed to have another abortion. I knew at this time that it was right for me to do the first time and by this time I was so overwhelmed with guilt I had no emotion or fight left in me. I couldn’t believe I was going through this a SECOND time. My mom supported me through that and inevitably being young and dumb I went back to my ex. We were together for one or so years until I finally had enough and basically went into hiding. In the end, I know abortion in my life was the best option. That’s why I’m writing this today. I want to stand up for others like me and let them know they are never alone. That happened almost six years ago coming up, now I am married to the best man on this earth and I’m making it. It’s still one day at a time and yes I still hurt from it, but I did what was best for me and my children and no matter what, that’s all that is important!! If you are reading this, you are loved! You matter!!! You did what was right for both you and your child!!! Thanks for reading this, and I hope it reaches someone.