I was 16. This was my very first abortion. I was with the father for almost 2 years but my relationship with him wasn’t stable. I took so many pregnancy tests and every one of them was positive and that’s when reality hit me like boarder. I WAS PREGNANT TEEN MOM. Just like my mother. I wasn’t ready for this baby at all. Once I told the father he was going to be a father he blew it! He got so mad at me. I thought it was all my fault for telling him. He keep denying it, he didn’t want to believe me so I brought the pregnancy test to him and he still didn’t believe me. He told me I was sick or my periods were irregular so I believed him cause I was to scared to tell my parents the real truth. So then I made an appointment for the doctors and that’s when they told me was pregnant. I went to Planned Parenthood they told me I was 4 months and a couple weeks into my pregnancy. The staff was so sweet and very helpful to explain everything I didn’t understand. The doctor asked me if I would like a picture of my baby and I said yes. This was going to be the last time I was going to feel, hear, and see my baby ever again so I didn’t hesitate for the picture. The abortion was painless but the memories kill me every day. I’m not going to lie I didn’t want to do it but I know I wasn’t ready to be a teen mom, I was a baby myself and many people might say I made a the worst mistake of my life but I don’t think so cause I had the best memories with my baby for that time period we had each other for. I know what I did was best for my baby and I was young and I didn’t want my baby to grow up like I did. So don’t feel like you’re alone in this situation cause your not. You did what was best for you and your baby and you’re a strong women! Not a lot of women would do what we had to do for our children.