I was only 18, sure everyone says wait til marriage but sex is fun and I thought he was the one… I was wrong. He was my high school sweetheart and I was so in love. Everyone around me was already having sex and telling me how amazing it was. I wanted to see if it was really true. I had a few encounters with my boyfriend til sex had become something weekly or even daily. We did not use any precautions we thought that the “pull out” method was fine. I was so wrong. It was Christmas my period had not came I started to panic. I did not know who to tell what to do. My boyfriend wasn’t someone of much words so I did not know how to tell him or if I should. After a few days I had a panic attack so I just told him. He panicked even more so it was worse. Then we had a conversation about it got some pregnancy tests obviously they came out positive. Then came the big question: What to do? Although he was older than me he was so naive at the moment. I took the decision to abort the kid, it was only 5 weeks so it was the best moment. I was not able to take care of a child much less my boyfriend. If I have a kid I want to make sure I can give him the best life I possibly could. This is not a matter if it should be legal or not it a matter that every women should have a choice its there bodies and life. Till now only my boyfriend and boy best friend know about this because its something nobody talks about and mostly people just make a big deal about something that it was my choice. Most women don’t have a choice it a procedure that its very expensive and usually they just go with house procedures that are very dangerous. It not only should be legal it should be free.