The choice of abortion for women should not be decided by government officials, of those officials, majority being men who will never have to make the decision for themselves. I had just turned 21. I had only been dating my boyfriend for a year when my body started feeling… Weird. My boobs were sore and definitely larger, I was becoming more emotional, and I was feeling very bloated. I just figured my period was coming, (it’s an irregular period). When I realized it had been about 6 weeks since my last period, my boyfriend and I went to the nearest drug store that no one would recognize us and bought 3 tests. Hiding in his mother’s bathroom, I hurried and took the tests. We waited three minutes as directed and to our horror all three tests were positive. I was in my junior year of college, he his senior year. Our incapability of raising a child at that point in time was clear to both of us. We are responsible people. We use condoms. I’ve never been on BC, it’s just not what I’ve been accustomed to. My mother never used it and neither does my older sister. We looked into our options and abortion was the option best suited for our situation. When I went into Planned Parenthood, they made me feel safe and confident in my decision. I never felt pressured or uncomfortable. After the procedure my body no longer felt foreign. All of the symptoms that came with my pregnancy disappeared. Although it was a major decision in both my life and my boyfriend’s life, it was the right decision. A decision I was able to make on my own because of the resources available to me. Thinking that the right to my body could change due to the opinions of some people I have never met is unthinkable. Having an abortion has allowed me to continue my education. My boyfriend and I have both been able to graduate with our Bachelor’s degrees. If I were to have given birth, I would not be where I am now by any means. I would be stuck in a young relationship for the rest of my life with a child I would be unprepared to raise. The likelihood of me completing my degree would be significantly lower and my income and lifestyle would be directly affected. In more ways than one, having this choice matters.