I just turned 20 on Christmas eve. My period was 12 days late and I waited until the 27th to take a pregnancy test. I looked quickly and noticed the line, I washed my hands called my friend into the bathroom, and she looked at it. I started laughing until I sat down, it hit me. I was pregnant. I called my sister she told me not to worry, everything will be okay she was there for support.

I messaged my ex boyfriend the following day, letting him know that I took a test and it was positive. first thing out of his mouth was “are you okay” I cried I didn’t know what to do. he offered for me to go see him and talk so I did.

It was hard seeing him and knowing we had a connection, I was carrying his baby. We sat down and talked. We knew we couldn’t afford a child. I was in college, he just wasn’t capable of having a child. So, we both agreed on an abortion.

I still love him to this day, he was abusive, physically, emotionally, and verbally. but its the connection.

I am happy where I am today, I regret it but it’s what is best.