A year ago I found out I was pregnant. One month before I found out I had surgery and prior to going under anesthesia I took a test which came back negative. With no sexual relations between my surgery and when I took the second test, I was very surprised to find out I was pregnant. Without any hesitation I called the local clinic and made an appointment for three days later to take the abortion pill. I couldn’t afford the procedure. I had to not only receive finical aid but also borrow the balance to have the procedure done. After having an ultrasound I found out I was 9 weeks along, could not take the pill safely, and had to have the procedure done the following week.

The following week we went to the clinic with my sister, had the procedure done, no regrets. Two weeks later I told the father. He was upset that I had not consulted him and started talking about how we could have gotten a house together, been married and started a family. All reasons why I did not consult him, I needed the decision to be mine and not clouded with promises of a life together. I never wanted to feel as if I “trapped” someone into being with me.

So many factors played into my decision, including the child involved. During my pregnancy I had to be put under for surgery and it was the holidays so I had more wine and cocktails than usual, both factors that could have affected my child’s quality of life. A gamble I didn’t want to take. I had a choice and it was mine. Not telling the father is the only regret I have. I wish we had discussed the situation and made the decision together, but in the end I don’t regret having an abortion.