My abortion stories occurred in the 1970’s. Much like so many others, my unintended pregnancies happened as a result of my lack of understanding the need for the consistent use of birth control. All it takes is one time. Unlike now-a-days, though, the availability of abortion services were easily available and handled by understanding, non-judgmental professionals. Looking back, now more than ever I treasure the privacy and safety with which I was able to handle such personal circumstances. I had always assumed that Row vs. Wade would guarantee all women the same privileges under the law.

Gradually over the years the changes which have been instituted by governments in order to chip away at abortion rights have struck me as literally unbelievable until only recently when I met a brave woman who opened my eyes to the reality of those changes.

I am in awe with gratitude for the courageous women who are standing up for their rights, and for the reproductive rights of all women, who are working so hard to keep these issues in the forefront of the news and social media.