I am 26 and have had two abortions. For the first one, I was 23 and about to graduate from college. My boyfriend and I at the time relied on the pull out method which worked… until it didn’t (dumb, I know).

While I do think I was mature enough to handle a baby, my boyfriend was definitely not. Financially, we definitely couldn’t swing it. I could barely scrape up enough money for the procedure. I kept envisioning myself interviewing for my first “real” job out of college, 8 months pregnant. Who on earth would hire me? Is this REALLY the person I want to have a baby with? I was very confident with my decision to get an abortion. I felt a huge relief immediately after the procedure was done. I felt that my life could actually begin, and I could seize any opportunity that came my way.

I had my second abortion last year. I met this wonderful, beautiful Australian man and had quite the whirlwind romance for three months or so. He was in the U.S. for work for a few months, then had to head back to Germany, where he lived. Plan B had failed me. I never planned on having another abortion, but it was also not an option to have a baby with somebody who lived across the globe. Again, I do not regret my decision.

I wish that there wasn’t this huge stigma. Abortion shouldn’t be so hush-hush. I wish I could feel that I could post this story using my real name. Women don’t WANT to get abortions. They make the best choice for themselves in an unexpected situation. I found it so interesting that during both procedures, there were women of all ages, and of seemingly very different socio-economic statuses. Unwanted pregnancies do not discriminate. We have legalized gay marriage. When will this abortion issue be dealt with once and for all?