I was 21 years old and so happy to be making my own way in the world. I had a full-time job and had just moved out of my parents’ home
after coming home from college. I paid my own bills and bought my own groceries and didn’t have to answer to anyone because I was all grown up. I had been dating my boyfriend for just a few months when my period was late. I knew the test was going to be positive, but had no idea what to do next. My boyfriend was supportive of whatever I decided, and deep-down I knew I wasn’t ready to be a parent. We went to a Planned Parenthood clinic together, and the nurse there talked to both of us about abortion procedures and how they work. She was very informative and matter-of-fact; I never felt as if she was talking down to me and everything she said helped me feel like I could make a decision and be confident with it. We had to go to another clinic as they didn’t perform the procedure at Planned Parenthood. My insurance covered all but $200 of the cost. There was nothing remarkable about the experience; when it was over we went back to my boyfriend’s apartment and I slept most of the afternoon. When I woke up, I felt relieved–the stress of wondering what would happen next was just gone. My son was born nine years later, and the first few weeks of motherhood only solidified that I made the right decision all those years earlier–I wouldn’t have been the parent I am now, and our lives would be nothing like they are today. I have never had a minute of regret in my decision.