It was my last semester of college and it was his 3rd year. I was living in a dorm and I supported myself.

My parents were never able to contribute to my education, I worked all through school and I didn’t have the resources to bring a child into this world.

I wish I had the money to support a child, but the fact is our economic system leaves students poor and unsupported. It’s not just about the right to choose for me, it’s also about being supported if I wanted to have a child. It’s also about having access to resources for my child. It’s also about not having my child killed by a militarized and racist police force because my child is black, because I’m black and queer. It’s also about not having my story erased. If I wanted one I couldn’t have had, it was impossible. That is why it’s not just about choice for me it’s about justice. I wish the circumstances were different but I had to do what I could and I’m happy I had somewhat of a choice about that.