I am 20 years old and a University student. I found out I was pregnant about a month ago by a guy I had been casually seeing for the past year.

I am a premed student and he is an anesthesiology resident. Shortly after the “incident” I made the decision to cut my ties with this fellow because I felt that our casual relationship was preventing me from moving on. I wound up pregnant and suddenly he was back in my life.

After weeks of therapy and deep consideration of all my options, I made the decision to have a surgical abortion. I was early enough (7 weeks) to have a medication abortion, but I really just wanted the process to be done and over with. This decision came out of my need/want to go onto medical school as well as the fact that I absolutely wanted this guy out of my life (since finishing out I was pregnant he began engaging in inappropriate behaviors and saying very rude things). Ultimately I wasn’t ready to continue on with a pregnancy, especially with a course load in college that kept me busy 20 hours a week.

I arrived at planned parenthood in the mid afternoon, there were protesters there but I had my head phones in so I couldn’t hear what they were saying. They had photos but I knew they were not accurate so it didn’t really bother me. In the waiting room, I was given a packet of information to read about the procedure (this was pretty much review because I had researched like crazy prior to my appointment. I was taken back and given a vaginal ultrasound, honestly, this was probably the most uncomfortable part of the entire experience. They offered to show me the ultrasound, and I said I didn’t know if I wanted to see it or not. The lady was kind and told me if I changed my mind at anytime she would show it to me. I didn’t, but I did ask her how far along I was. She made sure to ask me if my ride home (both my parents as I did not want the father to be there) were supportive and if I felt pressured into making this decision. Then a nurse came in and gave me two ibuprofen and azithromyicin(antibiotic) and started my IV. She took my blood from my IV to check my RH factor, because my RH factor was negative (only happens in 20% of people) I had to pay an additional $59 and was given a shot of medication after my procedure for that. Once the doctor came in, I asked him to explain the RH factor thing more in depth (mainly because I am an aspiring doctor myself and I was curious to know more) he was kind and answered all my questions, then administered a light setative into my IV as well as a narcotic for the cramping. I wasn’t asleep but I felt extremely relaxed. They hooked up a heating pad and placed it over my stomach. He gave me some shots in my cervix which felt like period cramps and slight pinching… Then used a machine to evacuate the pregnancy. The machine didn’t make any noise and his assistant was there to hold my hand. Honestly, there was some cramping but nothing I hadn’t experienced before during my periods. The actual procedure only took four minutes. After I felt extremely relieved, but a little dizzy from the medication. They brought me in a room with chairs to recover and gave me sprite and crackers. Every one was super nice and it was a very easy experience.

My morning sickness disappeared immediately, and I started feeling like myself again. I was a little emotional for a day but I think that’s due to the drop in hormones. I have no regrets.