I had an abortion over 30 years ago. It was not a big deal, it was not at Planned Parenthood with screaming protesters…and it was so long ago I don’t remember all the details.

I was married, my husband and I were both working, we were young and not ready for a family. I think I did go to Planned Parenthood and was referred to a local doctor who performed abortions at his office. Other than having to pay cash, it was a very normal doctor visit. It was very early and I remember the procedure as being quick and easy. No big deal and no regrets ever. Sometimes I wonder if it would have been a boy or girl, but mostly I don’t think about it. Later we had two healthy children and my husband had a vasectomy. Turned out to be the same doctor! Really a nice guy, he was all about helping people as a doctor should be.

My story is boring, probably most abortion stories are. I know the anti-abortion people think it is wrong and I respect their opinion however I think they need to realize that their opinion is not based on law or medical science. And if they are so big on “protecting life” they should spend their time and resources with the people already born that need help.