I was 19 years old. Second year of College. A lifetime of goals and dreams ahead. I became pregnant by my boyfriend of 5 years.

I knew instantly I wasn’t going to keep the baby. I neither could or wanted to. He said it was 100% my choice and he would support me. We did some research and found the closest clinic that would carry out the procedure on someone under 21 w/o the parents’ signature. Made an appointment and went to the clinic together. I was nervous but determined. The procedure was quick, pain similar to period cramps, the nurse was sweet and comforting. After it was done, they had me lay in the waiting room. I felt extremely relieved. I am now on the second year of my graduate education, my then boyfriend is my fiancĂ©e, and I have never had a single regret. Looking back, I wish I had not received an abstinence-only sex education. I wish there were more resources to me available growing up. I wish my mother would have talked to me about safe sex or at least taken me to a doctor if she felt too uncomfortable doing so. I wish sex had not been presented to me as sinful.