I was drunk with a group of who I thought were my friends. I followed him to the room to talk, and things went further than I wanted.

I asked him to stop, and he did after the second time. I found out I was pregnant after moving to Alaska to be with my boyfriend.

We had been together for over a year, and he took the pregnancy as me cheating, despite it being against my will. He told me that the choice was mine, but that I couldn’t expect him around. I was in a new town, new state, and felt trapped, so I had the abortion. This was April 9th, 2015. It’s almost been 4th months, and what would have been my due date is approaching. My boyfriend asked not to know how far along I was, but I asked to know. 17 weeks, meaning that the baby wasn’t from the rape. I can’t cope with this, and cry for hours about once a week. I’ve talked to friends, but our families will never know about it. I wanted that baby more than anything, and I regret my choice in the worst way possible.