About five years ago, I got pregnant on continuous hormone birth control.
I wasn’t getting a period because of the pill, but I could tell something was off. Turned out I was 8 weeks along. I was in a committed relationship and I loved my partner — now, we are married and the parents of a beautiful 19 month old boy. But five years ago, I knew I wasn’t ready to be a mother. I believed then, and I still do, that bringing a child into the world is a tremendous, unspeakably important act that requires incredible will and love and intention. I didn’t feel ready to commit myself fully to that act five years ago, and I was afraid that doing so without full commitment or will would damage my relationship with both my partner and the child we would bring into the world. So I opted to end the pregnancy. It was a sad, strange experience, and while I don’t think back on it with fondness, I do not regret my choice one iota. As a mom I know now just how hard and brilliant and intense motherhood is, and I am proud to have exercised my right to choose — twice.

Once it ended a pregnancy. Once it brought a beautiful boy into the world.
No regrets. And I will fight for my right — and the right of women everywhere — to choose again.