I am 49 and I have had two abortions. One when I was 28 and one when I was 34. Both times I was married. The first time we were newly married and I knew we were not ready emotionally or financially to care for a child. As it turned out, we ended up divorcing. I felt no guilt at having the abortion. The second was when my second child was 1 year old and again I was married. We had two children together. I knew I was already overwhelmed with two and could not manage another. Nor did I think our marriage could manage another. 4 years later we separated and divorced. I felt a little more conflict after the second, but worked through it and have been happy to be available to my two children and move on in life. Of course it is a pleasure raising my children, but it is also a lot of work. I am glad I knew when I was up to it and when I wasn’t. I would have preferred to avoid pregnancy than have an abortion, but am so UTTERLY grateful abortion was an option. Just before I went under I told the doctor so. I am also so grateful to those who spend a good part of their life to continue to make this option available to all of us who are human. I am an educated, intelligent, active member of society who is simply human.